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Education Advocate: Foster Care Licensing

Education Advocate: Foster Care Licensing

Regular Full-Time
TFC Licensing
Work Schedule 
9-5p, some evenings and weekends

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The Education Advocate ensures the optimum educational and developmental wellbeing of all children placed with Adult and Child in therapeutic foster care. The Education Advocate coordinates the management of their respective program's education and enrichment services, including directing the education plan for each child in care, writing lesson plans and providing direct tutoring services. Provides intensive support to child and family regarding school meetings, IEP's, specialized tutoring, and on-going educational planning for the child. Assesses the educational needs of the children, and their families, and communicates the identified needs with other stakeholders (family, school, and other support). Must be familiar with and abide by the contract guidelines with the Department of Child Services and Grant requirements for each program of the Continuum of Care.


Knowledge and Skills:

  • Considerable knowledge of IDEA.
  • Considerable knowledge of 504 Accommodations/
  • Considerable knowledge of social, economic and health problems as they relate to at-risk families.
  • Knowledge of the Special Education Law and other pertinent national, state and local rules and policies related to the education of youth in foster care.
  • Working knowledge of the McKinney-Vento Homelessness Act.
  • Must be able to collaborate with foster parents and educational professionals to address individual needs of children in care.
  • Must be able to communicate and interact with children and adolescents in positive ways.
  • Considerable knowledge of community social agencies and resources.
  • Considerable knowledge of developing lesson plans, working with the education system, and/or providing tutoring services.
  • Ability to work with a diverse population.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing.



Children's Education

  • The Education Advocate works collaboratively with foster parents, agency staff, school staff and DCS staff to:Develop and deliver training curriculum for foster parents and staff to meet educational needs of youth in careDevelop outcome measures and tools to track educational outcomes of youth in care
    • Identify and overcome educational hurdles which impede the educational progress of foster youth
    • Identify educational needs and strengths upon a child entering agency care,
    • Develop, link, or coordinate programming to meet the needs of identified youth
    • Provide training to staff on identifying (a) educational barriers to learning and (b) educational resources available in the school and community
    • Build capacity of foster parents to assist in meeting the educational needs of youth in care
    • Track educational outcomes of youth in care
  • Coordinate use of volunteers for children's education program
  • Purchase supplies for the children's education program as budgeted and approved by the Director of Child and Adolescent Service Line.
  • Provide all statistical and program reports as needed for appropriate grant outcomes by collecting and documenting necessary data.
  • Encourage and facilitate parental involvement with children's education programming whenever possible and inform parents of family responsibilities connected with the activities.
  • Track children's educational progress and meet with teachers and school administrators concerning their progress and needs at minimum within 7 days of placement.
  • Provide ongoing oversight of educational progress to foster care staff on an ongoing bi-monthly basis.
  • Develop and monitor children's educational service plans, to include feedback and recommendations from: educational testing, psychological reports, IEPs, clinical staff, etc. to account for each child's unique educational, emotional and behavioral needs.
  • Develop weekly lesson plans for school-aged children and oversee implementation of the plans by foster parents.
  • Assist parents with school enrollments, registration procedures, and advocate for the children within the education system.
  • Plan, implement, and conduct educational and developmental activities for the children's services program to include, but not limited to: tutoring program, enrichment activities and summer program.
  • Coach parents in appropriate developmental activities/needs when necessary.
  • Perform educational intakes, including school-based assessments for all ages and developmental assessments for children under four.
  • Maintain children's education files.
  • Attend staff meetings and in-service training as needed or necessary.
  • Establish professional supportive relationships with school and DCS partners
  • Other duties as assigned.


Customer Service:

  • Provide service to internal and external customers according to LCPA contract standards


Financial Management:

  • Use agency resources (financial and non-financial) prudently.
  • Acknowledge and follow financial policies of the agency.


Grants Data Management:

  • Accurately complete all required data reporting in accordance with established guidelines.
  • Participate in all scheduled data collection trainings.


Community Engagement:

  • Participate in development and fundraising activities as needed and requested (ex: meeting with donors, providing tours, attending fundraising events).


  • Bachelor's degree in education
  • Minimum of seven (7) years' experience working with children
  • An extensive combination of experience working with children and other education may be considered